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At Acuity Taxes & Consulting, we serve our clients by utilizing technology, keeping current on tax and accounting developments, and being readily available to our clients.  We always respond within one business day to any of our clients’ inquiries.  We enjoy working with tech-savvy businesses and individuals, and we strive to leverage information technology wherever it allows our processes to be efficient. 

In addition to serving small businesses and individuals, we enjoy working with clergy and churches.  There are a number of tax rules that are specific to the taxation of clergy, and we are committed to helping our church workers pay what they are required to pay by law and nothing more.  

At all times, we strive to maintain a family-friendly environment for our employees and support team.  Too many accountants work until they burn themselves out – especially at crunch time.  We look to create an energetic and sustainable work environment so that we can joyfully work with clients year-round.  We keep our team small, sharing our many years of experience while developing the talent of tomorrow. 

We operate as a “firm without walls.”  In today’s tech environment, we see very little need to incur high rent cost at a premium location.  This allows us to securely work for clients wherever they do their business.  It also helps us to ensure that our work is reviewed internally so that we can live up to our high standards of excellence. 

In serving our clients, our main goal is to instill confidence.  We want you to be confident that your taxes are being filed correctly.  We want you to know that your books are in good order.  If and when you get a letter from the IRS or other agency, we want you to be unafraid.  Lay those concerns on us.  Even if we didn’t help you prepare the original return, we are happy to work with IRS on your behalf to bring about the best result.  Let us look at your prior year returns to help see how we could save you money, and allow us to amend what you’ve already filed so that you can quickly receive refunds.  We love to pay for our own services!

Planning is a big part of how we serve our clients.  We can help you determine how much tax you need to pay each quarter – or we can help you see how much your refund will be once you file your return.  We want to help you find ways to minimize your tax liability so that you can put your resources to their best and highest use. 

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